Coaching on pilgrimage

Experience of (short-term) pilgrimage to find your own concept for a satisfied and optimized way of life.
  • Introductional interview for choosing appropriate pilgrimage-routing and and personal coaching concept
  • Coaching for preparation of the tour and choosing suitable equipment (rental of equipment possible)
  • Final review after the pilgrimage to implement the concept
  • Accompanied pilgrimage through following various possibilities:
    • Initial attendance only at beginning
    • Several days of attendance (constantly or individual stages of pilgrimage)
    • Complete attendance
Project Manager, Team Leader, Manager within challenging job situation (combined with personal overstressed situation)
The concept is created by the pilgrim himself and is transferred into his life as "new way of living". (your personal sustainable message for changing your lifestyle - not only a seminar)
This does not necessarily result in a slowing-down of your job career, but in the change of your way of life as a whole, this means privately and job-related! With that you could gain strong motivation to establish new career perspectives.
I am also Project Manager and have discovered the experiences as a pilgrim (long-distance walk without religious reasons) myself during difficult life situations. With this I have adapted my way of life (while proceeding with my career and personal life)
My ambition is it to transfer my experiences to other people in the same situations to help them to get a happy and satisfied life back.

Through contact with other (unknown) pilgrims on the trail with similar problems you get useful advices to reflect your life from different points of view.
Please note that my advice for life reflection are based on my own experiences. It should be of big value for changing your life! But it is not a professional psychological consulting.